While it may seem that a mortgage brokerage and a bank share the same line of business, our business objectives and our products and services are actually very different.  Your Money Matters Inc. specializes in mortgage products.  Banks specialize in banking.  It’s that simple!

Although we poke a little fun at banks in the video below, know that it is our strong relationships with banks that allow us to secure the lowest interest rates and best terms for our clients.  

If you’re on the fence about whom to contact about your mortgage product, just press play and you’ll be making an informed decision in 4 minutes and 14 seconds!


Roy, our Operations Manager spearheaded the creation and launch of our website and social media initiatives as well as the design and roll out of our new company logo and rebranding while leading our strategic marketing, advertising and analytics endeavors.  In his personal time, he enjoys photography, recording music, concerts, and traveling.  Sometimes he sleeps.