I’ve been babbling on incessantly about renovating two properties over the past few months; and I’ve realized that blogging about it is sometimes tougher than actually doing it!  Both require a vision and a lot of dedication to that vision.  Fruition is the goal, n’est-ce pas? 

Or, is it?

Some would say that keeping an ‘eye-on-the-prize’ type of attitude is what’s necessary to be successful at either, or both, because there are many seemingly insuperable, perhaps unavoidable obstacles that can inhibit or completely prevent progress or completion of a project.  But, will simply keeping your eye-on-the-prize carry you all the way to the end?  Or, will completing smaller, more quickly attained milestones along the way be the catalyst needed to successfully realize your vision?

What drives you – the destination or the journey?

Whether you’re building or renovating the house of your dreams or writing a blog to engage your customers, to sell something, or to build your client database there will be risk factors that you’ll have to mitigate in order to stay on track; and how you deal with these is absolutely critical to your success.  Indeed, not losing sight of your ultimate goal is necessary, but if you focus too heavily on the destination you can miss out on the journey; and the journey is where you may truly reap the rewards.  For instance, maybe you’re going to build a fireplace.  Are you going to derive more satisfaction from using the fireplace once it’s done or are you going to revel in the satisfaction of having built it from your own design and with your own hands?  If we were to dig deeper into both sides we would undoubtedly see that there would be compelling arguments for both.

Are there cracks in your masonry and literary foundation?

Building a solid foundation structurally, physically and emotionally will ensure that both you and your reno or literary project will withstand the test of time.  A small or large scale renovation requires ingenuity, diligence, detailed planning and lots of rest to re-energize.  The renovator (insert dramatic music here) needs to tap into their creative and industrious pool so as to satisfy their own aesthetic wants and needs while at the same time abiding by bi-laws (say that 10x fast 🙂 ) and building codes that don’t always lend themselves well to, you know, our undeniably innate building-and-decorating-genius!  For instance, on a large scale project renovators will work tirelessly when scheduling the many contractors that are required to install heating and air-conditioning, plumbing, windows and doors, walls, ceilings, drywall, and concrete to name a few; and to do so within timing and budget constraints requires serious organizational prowess and attention to detail.  During this time however, rest is required because a non-stop cycle of job/reno/job/reno is not physically or emotionally sustainable.  We are human.  Humans are known to crack under pressure.  No, really?!  So, to avoid such a catastrophe, R’n’R (Rock ‘n’ Roll or Rest ‘n’ Relaxation – whatever works!) is definitely in order at practical intervals.

All sauce, no meat?

Bloggers also need to be creative, verbally and visually.  Content can’t be all sauce and no meat y’all!  Ultimately, blogs need substance and topics have to be relevant, relatable and interesting for the reader.  Blogging about experiences and industry expertise is an extension of loyalty to clients, potential clients, and readership.  Loyalty creates trust.  Trust earns business.

The blogger needs to understand their audience.  But to do so, bloggers first need to build their audience.  To build an audience, you have to know your audience.  How do you get to know an audience?  You create it.  Just do YOU.  Building an audience takes time, but it will happen.  Have a plan.  Commit to it and don’t deviate from it.  The foundation of your blog is great content and unwavering readership commitment.   What’s your niche?

Like a renovator, a blog author needs to stay organized.  A fragmented i.e. nonlinear blog could be the result of not posting regularly. This is confusing for your audience and it increases the risk of losing readership.  I am dangerously close to the topic of branding so I’ll shift gears now.  I read a tip on another blog about using a calendar to schedule posts.  So, that’s what I did.  It worked; and now I’m sharing that same tip with you.  See how that works?  Consistency is one key to blogging success.  Timing is another.  Don’t let your audience forget about you.  That defeats the purpose of a blog.  But don’t bombard people unnecessarily!  If you monitor your SEO you’ll know when to post, who’s reading, what they’re reading and how engaged they are.  I’ll dig deeper into SEO in a future post.

Renovations require schedule maintenance.  Scheduling your blog posts will help you avoid last minute posts that are not well thought out and therefore rushed.   Readers quickly detect insincere, sloppy posts and they will move on.  Be persistent in your quest to candidly entertain and educate readers.  Be yourself.  Take your time.  You’re not writing a novel.  You’re crafting an experience for your audience.

I alluded to the importance of rest earlier because as with any long term project we often forget to build rest into the plan; and when renovating, rest is a requirement … taking a break from the almighty blogosphere is necessary because authors do need fresh content and a clear head when editing for continuity.  Your audience follows you for many reasons; and one would be that your topic is of interest to them – der! – but another is that they enjoy the experience.  Again (shifting gears back, hopefully without digressing to heavily) I’m compelled to quickly delve into a marketing piece about how people associate your brand with an experience.  Like you, your brand has an identity. Your brand identity will be defined by words just as it is with your actions, images, service, staff, etc.  Your blog helps define your identity as well.  Your identity helps breed loyal readership and a long-term customer base.  Therefore, don’t rush your blog posts.  Stay on schedule, but rest up so that you can write, entertain, engage, educate, a-a-a-n-d repeat 😉

You might have the coolest product or service on the market, but if people don’t relate to you and what you’re promoting or how you go about it, then oops…no deal.   Your blog is just one more way to promote your company (or yourself).   Coming up with fresh content can be difficult.  Brain-freeze, white noise, stress, a loosey-goosey schedule… many things can get in the way maintaining your blog. Is continuity a problem?  Are you forcing the article?  No time to edit?  If so, stop.  Again, know your limits.  Taking short, scheduled breaks should help keep things fresh.  If you’re excited about the content, your article will shine!  How can you get excited about something that feels forced?

The ways in which we define ourselves online directly impacts whether or not a reader becomes a client/customer.  Are you relatable, trustworthy and experienced?  Heck yea you are!  Put it in words!  When the blogger is engaged, others become engaged organically.  When the blogger is passionate about the topic, it’s obvious and that could be the single, solitary reason that a reader returns for more and shares your blog with others.

Whether blogging or building, it seems clear to me that a journey guided bypassion and creativity, organization and dedication is a path toward self-discovery; and if you’ve grown then you’ve reached your destination, n’est-ce pas?

What are you passionate about?  Comment or email us!


Onward and Upward!

Roy Perreault

Operations Manager

The Mortgage Centre – Your Money Matters Inc.



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