This is not another not-so-cleverly-disguised sales pitch from a mutual admiration society claiming to be providing a year-end update!  Yes, we are proudly riding high atop a wave of volume and team growth and as 2014 approaches we are again projecting strong first quarter results, but disseminating how important your role is in this is far more important to us than toot, toot, tooting our horn!  You, your family and your friends have put us here, high atop this wave and for that were are truly grateful.  That is the focus of this year-end update.  🙂

The Lifestyle Equation

You’re likely already aware that our primary function is to help you secure mortgage financing.  But did you know that it is also our duty to help you make informed financial decisions; decisions that make your home ownership a pleasurable experience while ensuring that you keep as much of your money in your pocket as possible?  Yes, interest rates and amortization are unavoidable factors and each must be carefully considered, but truly understanding the terms of your mortgage, how to pay it off faster while comfortably meeting all of your other monthly financial obligations, saving money for the future and staying ahead of debt while affording personal or familial recreational activities are also huge, important parts of the lifestyle equation.  We would be seriously remiss if we didn’t include this in our service offerings, wouldn’t we?  We are here to help you get there because your family, your home and your money matters to us.  Does that sound sales- pitchy and not-so-cleverly disguised?     

A Tandem Growth Philosophy

Helping you make decisions that positively impact your lifestyle positively impacts our business.  If you can sleep at night, we can sleep at night.  If you grow, we grow.  We adopted and implemented this simple tandem growth philosophy on day one, three years ago.  It fully supports our mission statement along with every transaction that we have and will engage in with you and on your behalf.  It spurred our initial growth and now, as word continues to spread, our pipeline refreshes with new clients and returning clients, new lenders and more broker-only channels and mortgage products.  In other words, we treat every ‘deal’ as a business growth opportunity and as an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life; in your life.  How could we not?!  

Achieving year-over-year growth when lending guidelines changed frequently and purse strings progressively stiffened is a clear demonstration of our clients’ trust and confidence in Your Money Matters Inc. as much as it is a testament to our teams’ hard work and dedication.  So, thank YOU for that!  We’re honoured to have you, your family and friends as clients and we’re looking forward to some BIG reveals in 2014!   

Happy Holidays!      


Roy, our Operations Manager spearheaded the creation and launch of our website and social media initiatives as well as the design and roll out of our new company logo and rebranding while leading our strategic marketing, advertising and analytics endeavors.  In his personal time, he enjoys photography, recording music, concerts, and traveling.  Sometimes he sleeps.