Hi there!  I’m going to fire off a question.  What is the point of blogging if you can’t interact with your website visitors?  Is it to satisfy a dream of becoming a published author (which is absolutely great!)?  Perhaps you’re simply killing time (and that’s great too!).  Or maybe it’s the equidistant element of your business marketing plan; the e-face and voice of your business … and if it is, then instantly collecting and sharing valuable opinions and insights at the topics’ origin would be absolutely critical.  With this in mind, we wanted to let you know that we are moving into 2014 with a clear focus on interaction with our website visitors and fellow bloggers because sharing mortgage and other home related information with YOU is very important to us.  Therefore, today we permanently activated the Comments feature (at the bottom of every post).  We encourage your feedback and at the same time we want to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to interact. Pretty excited about this feature.  Might explode.  Can’t … breathe.  🙂  

In 2013 we blogged about home buying, home renovation projects, mortgage financing, project management and YOU – our clients, prospective clients and friends.  Want to catch up?  I’ve hyper-linked and summarized the topics for you below.  Click a link – Go!

Home Buying Step by Step (A consumer guide and workbook.  If you’re buying a home, you need this.  Y’all can thank me later! 😉 )

Time, Budget, Scope – How do you manage? (Responsibility, Accountability, Triple Constraint Theory and tips on becoming a Management Superstar!)

Is It Time To Renew Your Mortgage? 

First Time Home Buyers – Programs, Rebates & Tax Credits (oh my!)  (A popular post and an excellent resource page for first time home buyers.)

Sweat Equity – Before and After (This is a fairly in-depth look at the beginning of our latest, on-going and previous renovation projects. The before and after pics still blow my mind!)


A Very Necessary Floor Plan (A follow up and depth look at our renovations and progress including a complete 2400 sq. ft. rebuild and winterizing plan while waxing poetic about the almighty [and very necessary] floor plan.)

The Beach House & Cottage Renovation Update:  Significant Changes (Highlighting the changes to our renovation plans and the fun and challenging elements of renovating two properties at the same time.  Good times!)

You spoke.  We Listened.  

Renovating and Blogging ~ The Destination vs. The Journey (Great response to this post.  Check it out!)

Mortgage Brokers vs. Banks in 4 Minutes and 14 Seconds (An animated VIDEO that pokes fun at banks.)

The Mutual Admiration Society? (This is about YOU!)

Stay close for more reveals in the very near future …

Thanks to the amazing team at GeekPwr for the quick activation of this new feature!  If you need a custom website, contact Joshua Luksa at josh@geekpower.ca.  Click here to visit their website and here to peruse their portfolio.  Josh, Kaitlin, Andrew and Joe are, by far, the best of the best in website design.  They have great ideas, oodles of technical prowess; they’re hyper-efficient, organized and friendly – just very cool, talented people.  Oh, and great pricing too.

If you have questions about your current mortgage or would like to inquire about obtaining a new mortgage please don’t hesitate to call us. 

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Have a great day everyone!


Roy, our Operations Manager spearheaded the creation and launch of our website and social media initiatives as well as the design and roll out of our new company logo and rebranding while leading our strategic marketing, advertising and analytics endeavors.  In his personal time, he enjoys photography, recording music, concerts, and traveling.  Sometimes he sleeps.