I’m not an artist. At best, I’m an artisan. Anything that I make will likely serve some sort of practical purpose. Case in point, I love photography. I have a trusty Canon DSLR and loads of editing software; I contemplate light, space, expression, angles, depth, colours and motion. I work on improving ‘my eye’. I’m passionate about it. I try to capture moments that are interesting enough to frame, mount and/or feature on a wall. I’m not necessarily trying to say anything with ‘the piece’. It’s not even ‘a piece’. The photograph may look good or even great and it might be a light conversation piece but, subjectively speaking, it’s not art. It’s a crafted still moment; the result of a process that I’m passionate about.

So what’s the difference between an artist and an artisan? I’m sure that I don’t really know, but if I ponder what generally constitutes art and what is usually designated craft then I can tell you that I recently met someone that absolutely blurs the lines between artist and artisan; I’m convinced that he is both. I’m talking about Gerald Reinink (Sales and Administration) and the team at …

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Our journey into the world of custom made furniture began a few weeks ago with a quick Google search followed by a conversation with Anthony Poto of Homelife Regional Realty Ltd.  I told him about HD Threshing and he urged us to visit because he had referred other clients in the past and received a lot of positive feedback.  By the way, if you’re interested in residential or commercial real estate, or if you need a trustworthy, hard working agent with your best interest in mind and/or if you want to build your network of business associates, vendors or suppliers of almost any kind, Anthony is your man.

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So we fired up the GPS and before long we were in Cambridge, Ontario checking out their showrooms. #Wow!  If you haven’t been to HD Threshing, you are missing out on an exceptional shopping experience!  Not that I have a problem with shopping.  I don’t really shop.  I inspect.  You can use that.

As it turns out, HD Threshing Floor Furniture is the #1 provider of reclaimed wood in Ontario. The How We Build page on their website states ‘A remarkable piece of furniture starts with remarkable raw material”. I couldn’t agree more. Threshing floor boards are obtained from century old pioneer barns. The heavily distressed and worn wood is acquired in order to build the tops of all of their furniture. Each board is unique and rich in colour, grain pattern and character. Other parts of the furniture are constructed using grainery boards as they also possess original distressing. They are also the very first to introduce the leap of epoxy + polyurethane finishes on reclaimed wood surfaces. The finished results are absolutely stunning.

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After perusing the showrooms replete with dining tables, coffee tables, hutches, buffets, benches and chairs followed by a walk-through of the finishing rooms and Gerald patiently answering our bazillion questions about size, colour, styles, types of barn wood, the finishing process, timelines and delivery (even adjusting the light level in the showroom to demonstrate the effects that pot light vs. dim/soft light has on the finish) we were sold. We left happy and satisfied that we’d made the right choice. A couple of Timmies later and we were back at home checking off another milestone on the Beach House Renovation project plan.

Last week Gerald emailed progress pictures of one of the dining tables that we ordered (we ordered two – one for home and one for the beach house); the ‘Saw Buck’ for home is 6 ft. long x 4 ft. wide. The Saw Buck table for the beach house is 10 ft. long x 4 ft. wide and should seat 12-14 people! Both are Hemlock with minimal sanding – the finishing process will bring out the natural grain, knots and worm hole. Check out the progress picture of the smaller table below. It’s constructed and about to go through the finishing process. Sending clients progress pictures is a value add indeed. Nice touch HD! The second and third pictures are examples of what it will look like when it’s done.

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All of the pictures above were supplied by, and are owned by HD Threshing Floor Furniture.

Their flexible build and delivery schedule is making the experience even better than we could have hoped for as well. We needed to push back the delivery of the larger table (and a few other items) due to a slight delay in our renovation schedule and he was happy to accommodate. Excellent price points, personalized service and flexibility – what more could we ask for?  Speaking of price points, we’ve looked around … and we don’t think that anyone can beat HD’s pricing, quality standards or service level … not even close.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own customized reclaimed barn wood furniture for your home, getaway or office (the boardroom tables are amazing!), I highly recommend visiting HD Threshing Floor Furniture.  Tell ‘em Roy sent you.


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Tell us in the comments section below!


As always, thanks for reading!  See you again soon.

Roy Perreault

Operations Manager | Your Money Matters

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