Thank you all for your support!

Being a boutique office in the mortgage industry means that our growth is heavily dependent upon client satisfaction, so, indeed, how YOU feel when you’re working with us is paramount.  We love working in the highly competitive mortgage industry because it challenges us to continually evolve while maintaining a brand that is consistent in service and product delivery. Every time the banks change lending guidelines, interest rates, product offerings, a mortgage brokerage must immediately adapt to the changing landscape in order to survive and to make business transactions as smooth as possible for the client. We facilitate mortgage transactions, but we are very much in the client service industry and when that translates to referral business from our clients then that means we have done our job! 2016 hit us with several great challenges (building a new office), several new clients (thanks to our kickass client base), one very serious new service offering (real estate services) and the recent lending guideline changes (the so-called ‘stress-test’) and now we are more than ready and super excited to take on 2017 seamlessly and with continued hyper focus on you, the client. Our passion for delivering the best in mortgage financing services translates to products and service that can’t be beat. Your referrals are testimony to this and we are grateful beyond words.  Thank you, for your business!

In 2016 we aggressively sought out and gratefully received an immense amount of valuable client feedback in terms of what consumers need and want from their mortgage products, from their mortgage brokerage and from their real estate broker. We have the experience and the answers you need to make informed decisions; when you’re ready to discuss your current or future mortgage financing or real estate needs don’t hesitate to call/email/text/msg us first! Thank you, for your insight!

You will see our taglines ‘We work for you, not the lender’ and ‘Your family, Your Home, and Your Money Matters’ online and in various other communications. We are proud of the work we do, but most of all we are proud of our clients; your collective financial ambitions and commitment to yourself and to your families is inspiring and we’re happy to help you with some of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. Thank you, for your trust!

Wishing you a safe, fun New Years Eve and weekend and a prosperous 2017.

Talk to you soon!

Roy Perreault

John Avvenente

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