Happy Aboriginal Day everyone! Today is the day we formally recognize and celebrate the cultures and contributions of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Indigenous peoples in Canada!  On this 21st day of June, Summer Solstice is upon us too!  According to http://www.timeanddate.com today is the longest day of 2017.  The summer solstice occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer and this year that happened at 12:24am (Eastern), this morning.  So, I slept through that but today we’re celebrating our tilted axis and a whopping day-length of 15:26:30 by bringing the heat with next level, ultra-luxe bbq’d burgers with irresponsible amounts of jalapeño coated in crazy-gooey, creamy Brie.  POW!  A solar-blast, a mouth party!  Tomorrow, I’ll go back to limiting dairy and sodium; today is Aboriginal Day and Solstice and the happy it brings is totally aligned with my culinary choices.  If anyone has a solid recipe for bannock, I have front rows to an open fire pit…  

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I don’t have a smooth transition into the other reasons for reaching out to you today, so I’ll just jump right in.  We’ve had a very productive first 6 months of 2017 and as always, we have YOU to thank.  We thank you for your business and we thank you for your referrals!   In order to continue raising the roof with the best mortgage products and services, it’s important to monitor business activity and we do that with the use of technology (and old school experience and gut, to be honest), proactively defining and analyzing critical opportunities and risks, to maximize profitability and optimize efficiency. Two key business marketing metrics that we use to track, monitor, and assess the success and failures of our processes are web traffic (SEO monitoring) and Social Media metrics.  

We evaluate the impact that our brand has on consumer perceptions about our company and the products and services that we offer/broker.  This is brand equity.  Brand equity can be challenging to measure because the word equity indicates that an asset has been generated.  In brand equity the asset is intangible and is measured in terms of the value attributed by YOU to the product or service.  Your Money Matters Inc. doesn’t develop all of the products and services that we offer – we are a brokerage so we choose which mortgage products to offer (that are developed and offered by banks) and we develop systems and processes to deliver those products to YOU, our customers and potential customers.  So, thankfully we are slightly unconventional at heart because we must follow rather unconventional approaches toward measuring brand equity.  🙂   

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Measuring social media impact on a customer’s brand attitude is critical as well.  Brand attitude is made up of two components: The strength of positive or negative association that a customer experiences with regard to a particular brand and the conviction that the positive or negative association is accurate. In other words, how much does the customer like/dislike a brand, and how convinced is the customer that this perception about the brand is correct?  

We have our work cut out for us!  You’ve likely heard or read about Ontario’s rent and housing reform and/or the implementation of the mortgage ‘stress test’ which is aimed at making it harder to get a mortgage.  These announcements, along with hints being tossed around by various media outlets regarding possible interest rate increases, has presented the mortgage and real estate industries and consumers with several new challenges when listing, buying and obtaining financing. As we navigate the world of small business that competes with LARGE business (banks) it’s absolutely critical for us to stay close to our clients so that we can understand and address their/your questions and concerns.  There is an overwhelming amount of information floating around the interwebz regarding the recent changes and unfortunately some of it appears to be conflicting…at the very least, the information changes very rapidly and it can be hard for even the most discerning individual to understand and stay on top of.  Our job at Your Money Matters is to help you make informed choices, to help you understand how changes may, or may not, affect you.  So stay close as my next blog will help you sift through and get up to speed.  Of course you can call us anytime to discuss your mortgage and real estate needs: 905-553-0299. Thanks for askin’!

We would love to hear from you!  Want to help us gain even more insight into our brand perception, attitude, awareness and equity and be entered into draws for excellent  prizes?  Trust.  You-will-love-these-prizes.  If you’re not already receiving our newsletter, please sign up here!

So, about that bannock…?   Anyone?

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Thank you!

Roy Perreault

Operations Manager

The Mortgage Centre – Your Money Matters Inc.

Your Money Matters Inc., is an independently owned and operated, award winning mortgage brokerage with the unique distinction of being dually licensed to broker both mortgages and real estate. We have complete visibility across the mortgage lending and real estate landscapes which allows us to swiftly, accurately and transparently negotiate and facilitate every mortgage financing and real estate transaction for you, in-house – under one roof. Buying or selling real estate and obtaining mortgage financing is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, but we are, because your family, your home and Your Money Matters. POW!
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